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This is the folder that contains all data relating to Ryu Ga Gotoku: Kenzan!

The table below shows what each folder has inside them (all these folders are located in the USRDIR/ folder "bin"):

Folder Contents Inside
armspar/ Asset models such as weapons.
auth/ The game's cutscenes.
btl_cam/ Battle intro camera test.
chara_arc/ Additional stage models.
chara_auth/ Cutscene models.
chara_common/ Model, skeleton, and texture data.
chara.par Character Models
csepar/ Contains a majority of UI textures.
enemy_dispose/ Battle data.
font/ All fonts within the game.
fontpar/ Par file containing all files in the game.
gamedata/ PS3 XMB icons, backgrounds and data
item/ Item data
kame/ Turtle racing minigame data
map/ Map textures
minigame/ Folders including files that contain

minigame data.

module/ PS3 modules used
motion/ Animation data, mainly used to store

battle animations

movie/ Pre-rendered video files used for

cutscenes the PS3 might have trouble

rendering as well as the opening movie.

pausepar/ Contains some more UI textures,

including the map.

physics/ Havok Engine Physics data
picture/ Containing multiple images, such as

the SEGA credits, leftover screens

from the demo, revelation drawing textures, among


pre_btl_cam/ Camera data for the battle intros.
savedata/ Textures and

info used for the save screen.

scenario/ A large majority of the text found in the

game, most notably including

shader/ PAR files containing shader data.
sound/ Every sound and music trackin the

game, excluding cutscene audio,

which is split into bgm and voice

CVM files for each of their respective auth files.

sprite/ Button prompt textures.
staffroll/ Credits data
staffrollpar/ PAR file containing credits textures
stage/ Models and textures for all battle areas

and maps in the game

wdr_par/ Text used within textboxes
yact/ Contains all heat actions and revelation