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Scenario2.bin is an overhauled version of BIN (scenario). Controls the main flow of the game, specifying scenario flags and parameters like music that plays in specific moments.

Used in:

Technical Information

File consists of multiple interconnected chunks. Listed in the order of appearance in the file, which does not represent the actual complexity.

Yakuza 5 has slightly different nodes that other games don't have, so it is separated.

Yakuza Ishin\Zero\Kiwami version:

Offset Type Description
0x00 int32 Unused
0x04 int32 Unused chunk count
0x08 int32 Unused chunk pointer
0x0C int32 Unused
0x10 int32 Player Settings Node Count
0x14 int32 Player Settings Pointer
0x18 int32 Scenario Settings Node Count
0x1C int32 Scenario Settings Pointer
0x20 int32 Settings Size
0x24 int32 Settings Pointer
0x28 int32 Node Count
0x2C int32 Node Pointer
0x30 int32 Scenario Access Pointer
0x34 int32 Scenario Access Node Count
0x38 int32 String Pointer
0x3C int32 Unused
0x40 int32 String Pointer
Player Settings
Offset Type Description
0x00 uint32 Game Mode
0x04 int32 String Pointer
0x08 int32 Player Position
0x0C int32 Unknown
0x10 uint32 Misc Settings Size
0x14 int32 Misc Settings Pointer
Scenario Settings List
Offset Type Description
0x00 int32 Player Settings Pointer
0x04 int32 Player Settings Versions Count
0x08 int32 Node ID
0x0C int32 Unused?
0x10-0x2C u32 Extra Settings 1-8 Size (in entries of 4 bytes)
0x30-0x3C u32 Extra Settings 1-8 Pointer

It's been too straightforward so far, let's spice it up!

Scenario Settings
Offset Type Description
0x00 int16 0x80 - Indicates the start of a setting
0x04 uint16 Category
0x08-0xXX int32 Parameters specific to the Category, full list below.
Category Parameters
Byte Category Parameter list Used in Description
  • int32 Unk1
0x01 BGM
  • int32 Pointer1
Battles (Y5 only) Possibly disables background watchers.

Can be set to either "none" or "no_gaya"

0x03 Caption
0x04 Cutscene_04
0x05 Results
  • int32 Unknown1
  • int32 Unk1
  • int32 Unk2
  • int32 Unk3
0x08 Effects
  • int32 Unk1
Teleports player to the position set in Player Settings

(which is stating the ID of the position in player_pos.bin) Can be set to 0 or 1

  • int32 Unk1
  • int32 Unk1
0x0C Always empty
0x0D Always empty
0x0E Cutscene_14
  • int32 Unk1
Used in cutscenes (Y5 only) Always 0x00
0x10 Equip
  • int32 Pointer1
Unique parameter for Saigo Training 2 fight (Y5 only) Points to WEHRS0001
0x13 Start_Auth
0x14 Always 0x01
  • int32 Unk1
Starts battle intro
0x16 Always 0x00 or 0x01
  • int32 Unk1
  • int32 Unk1
Cutscenes (Y5 only) Always 0x000000
0x19 Always 0x01
  • int32 Unk1
0x1A Always 0x00
  • int32 Unk1
0x1B Always 0x00
  • int32 Unk1
(HGG only)
0x1C Always 0x01
  • int32 Unk1
(Y5 only)
0x1D Always 0x01
  • int32 Unk1
0x1E Always 0x00 or 0x01
  • int32 Unk1
0x1F State_Progress
0x20 State_Enum_Unk
0x21 Timer
0x22 Follow_Up
  • int32 Unk1
Activates post-battle effects
  • int32 Unk1
Starts battle intro
0x26 Always 0x01 (Y5) or 0xFF
  • int32 Unk1
0x27 Cutscene_39
0x28 Always 0x01 (Y5) or 0xFF
  • int32 Unk1
0x29 Always 0x10D2
  • int32 Unk1
(Y5 only)
0x2B Player_Intro
0x2C Always 0x01
  • int32 Unk1
0x2D Always 0x01
  • int32 Unk1
0x2E Movie_Name
0x31 Always 0x00 or 0x01
  • int32 Unk1
0x32 Always 0x00 or 0x03
  • int32 Unk1
0x33 Always 0x64
  • int32 Unk1
0x34 Always 0x01
  • int32 Unk1
(HGG Only)