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hact_tev.bin is a file format that appears only in OOE games after Yakuza Kenzan.

It's present in HAct PAR files in the following path: hact/hact_all/(hact ID)/hact_tev.bin

hact_tev is responsible for:

  • Storing a list of effects and their data and when they play in the HAct sequence
  • These effects range from particles, sounds, damage, branch nodes and screen effects

When compared to the modern HAct cmn.bin that appears for the first time on Yakuza 5, hact_tev is split into seperate sections:

  • Objects
  • Effects (Including Effect 1019)
  • Effects (Without Effect 1019)

Objects reference other objects and effects, and essentially establish the hierarchy of the HAct.

The overall structure of hact_tev as shown by TevView