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The MEP file format extension for both OE and OOE games. This file is used to register visual effects into (property.bin) moves. It serves precursor to the BEP file format the Dragon Engine uses.


This file type is structured in nodes and a file header. These nodes hold the visual data to load in when the move event has started.

  • Move MEPs are most commonly found in data/motion/[par containing data], but they are also found in event folders to overlay visual effects on other things.
  • Such as heat auras, screening effects, etc. These MEPs are usually found in data/effect/[folder containing data].

MEP Node Types
Lim Flash (Rim Flash/Limb Flash) An adjustable glow that is created around the specified body part. MEPs have lim flash nodes containing RGB values, but the look may vary between games. In Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami, they contain both Outer and Inner Lim Flash values. There are three separate sets of each, and most MEPs use only the first set. Auras however use the second and third set of Outer and Inner Lim Flashes. Is not present in OOE games.
PiB Emitter (Particle) The different particles that the game summons when the MEP event is activated. In OE, these particles vary on their adjustability and often require multiple file changes to change position. Particles summon effects by reading the PiB ID and referencing the files listed in data/effect/ptc_arc. These .pib files both hold and contain data for the textures summoned in game. Usually, bone position changes of a particle requires changing the bone ID, the checksum, and the bone string. Are present in almost all games.