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Ryu Mod Manager (also known as RMM) is a mod manager for Yakuza series PC games, made by SutandoTsukai181. It allows you to load mods as loose files in the individual folders.

You can get the tool from here.

Supported list

Please read these lists before installing Ryu Mod Manger to your games.

  • Games

List of the supported games.

  • Platforms

List of version supported by Ryu Mod Manager.

Steam, SteamDeck, Linux (Wine needed), Microsoft Store (partially)


How to install Ryu Mod Manager in 5 simple steps:

  • Extract the archive you've downloaded from the link above into the game directory.
  • Run the executable without any mods. This will generate important config files and folder for mod installation.
  • Put your extracted mod(s) archive in the "mods" as individual folders, then run the executable again.
  • Check if your mod(s) is enabled.
  • Click save, exit, and you're done.